Bose Pendant Mount Retail Store Sound System with 4 FreeSpace DS 40F Speakers and FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier


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Have you got a small to medium-sized retail space with an open ceiling? Then this Bose pendant mount retail system could be the solution for you. It will enhance your customers experience without the need for ceiling installation.
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Vendor: Bose

System Description

When you are looking for a sound system for your small to medium retail store, it can be difficult to find an appropriate setup if you have open ceilings. While many other systems feature ceiling mount speakers, the Bose Pendant Mount Retail Store Sound System with 6 FreeSpace DS 40F Speakers and FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier is the perfect solution. This system features a pendant mount kit so you can flawlessly install your new system and vastly enhance the customer experience in your store.
Featuring the Bose FreeSpace DS 40F speakers, this system gives you optimal sound performance across both background music and paging applications. Don’t settle for a radio on the counter just because you have exposed an exposed ceiling. You too can have a professional and even aural landscape. These speakers feature a 125-degree conical pattern and can go down to a frequency range of 70 Hz without distortion.
The FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier features easy to use input connections for music paging and line-in operations, with individual adjustments and switchable modes. The dual ControlCenter CC-2 zone controllers allow you to manage everything from one very easy to operate location. Sleek and seamless, this system is designed to improve the ambience of your store without visual distractions.

System Features

Bose FreeSpace DS 40F Loudspeakers:
- Loudspeakers with 4.5" (114 mm) drivers and a coverage pattern of 125 degrees.
- Intuitive multi-tap transformer with adjustable thumb wheel navigation.
- Easy pendant mount installation.
- Expandable with DS 16, DS 40 and DS 100 speakers.
- Can be combined with optional ceiling mount brackets, adjustable tile bridges, pendant mount kit and square grille.
Bose FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier:
- Exceptional Class D Amplifier for premium sound via digital signal processing.
- No computer needed for installation.
- Opti-voice paging technology for clear, crisp voice applications.
- Compact, lightweight and discreet for minimal visual distraction.
- Easy connectivity and expansion.
Bose ControlCenter CC-2 Zone Controller:
- Dual set of controllers for multi-zone control of the FreeSpace amplifier.

System Components

The system includes:
- 4 x Bose Loudspeakers FreeSpace DS 40F
- 4 x Pendant Mount Kits for FreeSpace DS 40F/DS 100F
- 1 x Bose ControlCenter CC-2 Zone Wall Controller
- 1 x Bose FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier
- Audio Speaker Wires