Bose Restaurant Sound System with 4 FreeSpace DS 16F In-Ceiling Speakers and FreeSpace IZA-190-HZ Zone Amplifier


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If you are looking for an audio solution for a small to medium-sized restaurant, this discreet Bose restaurant sound system will give you clear and consistent background music without drowning out your guests. Exceptional sound quality in a neat design.
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Vendor: Bose

System Description:

If you want to transform the ambience of your small to medium-sized restaurant, then look no further than the Bose Restaurant Sound System with 4 FreeSpace DS 16F In-Ceiling Speakers and FreeSpace IZA-190-HZ Zone Amplifier. This powerful system will provide crystal clear and even background music with signature Bose quality sound.
Say goodbye to that old crackling CD player in the corner playing that same album on repeat. The in-ceiling Bose FreeSpace DS 16F loudspeakers will provide even distribution across your entire space with wide 140-degree conical pattern distribution, and a frequency range down to 80 Hz for distortion-free bass even at low levels. Pipe music directly from your media devices for variety, clarity and an improved customer experience.
The Bose FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier brings high performing Class D amplification and is extremely simple to set up. It can be used with DS 16, 40 and 100 loudspeakers for easy expansion. The Bose ControlCentrer CC-2 zone controllers give you complete control over volume and A/B source selection.
A feature-packed system with a neat and tidy design.


Bose FreeSpace DS 16F In-Ceiling Loudspeakers:
- In-ceiling speakers with one 2.25" (57 mm) driver and wide 140-degree conical coverage pattern for clear and even speech and music.
- Multi-tap transformer with easy to change settings via wheel adjustment.
- Expansion possible with additional DS 16, 40 and 100 loudspeakers.
- Combine with the FreeSpace 3 Acoustimass bass module for even more bass power.
- Optional accessories include ceiling mount brackets, adjustable tile bridges, pendant mounting kit and square grille.
Bose FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier:
- High-quality Class D amplification with digital signal processing for premium sound performance.
- No computer needed for setup.
- Opti-voice technology for easy switching between music and paging.
- Small and light for discreet inclusion with any décor.
Bose® ControlCenter CC-2 Zone Controller:
- Dual zone controllers for easy system management and multi zone control.


The System Includes
- 4 x In Ceiling Bose FreeSpace DS 16F Loudspeakers
- 4 x Bose Model 16 Tile Bridges
- 1 x Bose FreeSpace IZA Zone Amplifier 190-HZ
- 1 x Bose ControlCenter Zone Controller CC-2