Bose Restaurant Sound System with 4 FreeSpace DS 16S Wall Mount Speakers and FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier


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If you are looking for a sound solution for your small to medium-sized restaurant, then this Bose FreeSpace restaurant sound system could be right for you. Surface mounting for easy installation, with clear and even sound across your entire space.
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Vendor: Bose

System Description:

If it is time to transform the atmosphere in your small to medium-sized restaurant the Bose Restaurant Sound System with 4 FreeSpace DS 16S Wall is the answer to all your needs. With an easy to install surface mountain system that provides clear and even sound across your entire space, your customer-s dining experience will be greatly improved.
The four Bose FreeSpace 16S loudspeakers have a very wide 170-degree x 160-degree coverage pattern with a frequency down to 80 Hz for distortion-free audio reproduction even at low levels. Great for background music that doesn-t interfere with conversation, plus the added bonus of paging technology for making announcements, and special events.
The Bose FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ integrated zone amplifier brings exceptional Class D amplification and can be connected with extra DS 16, 40 and 100 speakers for simple expansion. The dual Bose ControlCenter CC-2 zone controllers give you customised control over each zone to tailor specifically to your needs.

System Features

Bose FreeSpace DS 16S Surface Mount Loudspeakers:
- Four full range speakers with a 2.25" (57 mm) full-range driver for surface mounted music and paging functions.
- Mounting hardware for vertical or horizontal angling and wide dispersion coverage.
- Intuitive multi-tap transformer while wheel adjustment control.
- Easily expanded with extra DS 16, 40 or 100 speakers.
- Combine with the Acoustimass module for extra bass response.
- Optional accessories include ceiling mount bracket, wall mount bracket, junction box and pole mount bracket.
Bose FreeSpace IZA 190-HZ Zone Amplifier
- High-quality Class D amplification with digital signal processing.
- Opti-voice paging technology for clear vocals and easy switch between music/paging channel.
- Discreet design.
- Easy to connect and expand. Aux line input for sharing signals with optional FreeSpace ZA 250-LZ or ZA 190-HZ.
- Easy setup doesn-t require a computer.
Bose ControlCenter CC-2 Zone Controller:
- Dual multi zone controller for centralised and customised control.
- Includes pre printed and blank labels.

System Components

The system includes
- 4 x Surface Mount Bose FreeSpace DS 16S Loudspeakers
- 1 x Bose ControlCenter CC-2 Zone Controller
- 1 x Bose FreeSpace Zone Amplifier IZA 190-HZ