Bose Restaurant Sound System with 8 FreeSpace In-Ceiling Loudspeakers, 6 Outdoor Loudspeakers and DXA2120 Mixer Amplifier


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This Bose restaurant sound system is the ideal audio solution for large spaces, covering up to 2,500 square feet with clear and even sound. A diverse system with a range of speakers and capabilities for premium and powerful sound quality across a variety of functions.
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Vendor: Bose

Long Description:

When it comes to large restaurants and entertainment establishments, it can be hard to get the sound right. So often, traditional sound systems are drowned out by the noise of a busy room. However, with the Bose Restaurant Sound System with 8 FreeSpace In-Ceiling Loudspeakers, 6 Outdoor Loudspeakers and DXA2120 Mixer Amplifier all your audio solutions are provided in this one robust package.
This large indoor-outdoor system boasts up to 2500 square feet of coverage and can even be expanded for larger areas if needed. The FreeSpace DS 16 flush mount loudspeakers are great for background music with 140-degree conical coverage down to 80 Hz for distortion-free bass. Up front the FreeSpace DS 40SE surface mount loudspeakers are designed for foreground music and speech, and give 125 degrees of high-quality vocal reproduction for paging and announcements. While the FreeSpace 360P environmental loudspeakers are the outdoor 360-degree coverage solution for blending with landscape and natural features.
The FreeSpace DXA 2120 Digital Mixer/Amplifier has 6 channels in and 2 channels out for a diverse range of functions such as processing, routing, mixing, paging, and more. With the option to add the Bose ControlCentre CC-2 zone controller for multi-zone control and the optional desktop paging microphone, the power is truly yours with this robust and feature packed all in one system.

System Features:

- All speakers in the system can be combined with DS 16, DS 40 and DS 100 speakers for easy expansion, and the surface or flush mount FreeSpace 3 Acoustimass bass module for more powerful bass.
- Optional accessories include ceiling mount brackets, adjustable tile bridges, pendant mounting kits, square grilles and junction boxes.
Bose DS 16F Flush Mount Loudspeakers:
- Full range flush mount speakers with one 2.25" (57 mm) driver and 140-degree conical coverage, perfect for background music.
- Multi-tap transformer with thumb wheel adjustment control.
Bose DS 40SE Surface Mount Loudspeakers:
- Full range surface mount loudspeakers with 4.5" (114 mm) full-range driver ideal for foreground and vocal applications.
- Easy setup. No computer required.
Bose 360P Series II Environmental Loudspeakers:
- Full range environmental loudspeakers with one 4.5" (114 mm) 360-degree advance composite driver.
- Dome port for clear, consistent and wide sound.
- Intelligent cabinet shape provides acoustic diffusion, while the sturdy base acts as a tuned and multi-chambered enclosure.
- Tamper-resistant with internal circuit safeguard drivers for durable outdoor use.
Bose FreeSpace DXA2120 Digital Mixer Amplifier:
- 6 inputs: 4 mic/line inputs, 1 page input, 1 direct line input.
- 2 outputs with choice of low or high impedance: 2 x 65W at 8 ohms, 2 x 120W at 4 ohms, or 2 x 100W at 70/100V
- Three flexible operating modes for music and speech applications: Dual Mono Select Mode, Stereo Select Mode and Mixer Mode.
- No computer required for setup.
- Opti-voice paging technology for crisp vocal output and easy switch between paging/music channels.
- 24 V DC backup power for extra reliability and compliance.

System Components:

- 8 x Flush Mount Bose FreeSpace DS 16F Loudspeakers
- 4 x Surface Mount Bose FreeSpace DS 40SE Loudspeakers
- 2 x Environmental Bose FreeSpace 360P Series II Environmental Loudspeakers
- 1 x Bose Digital FreeSpace DXA 2120 Mixer Amplifier
Optional Accessories:
- Bose Zone Controller ControlCenter CC-2
- TOA PM-660U Desktop Paging Microphone