Bose Retail Store Sound System with 8 FreeSpace DS 40F In-Ceiling Speakers and FreeSpace IZA 2120 HZ Zone Amplifier


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This retail sound system from Bose is perfect for medium to large stores, and those locations requiring separate control over each zone. Includes paging technology for easy communications across the store, and crisp background music to enhance the customer experience.
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Vendor: Bose

System Description

If you are looking to provide exceptional sound coverage across a medium to large store, then the Bose Retail Store Sound System with 8 FreeSpace DS 40F In-Ceiling Speakers and FreeSpace IZA 2120 HZ Zone Amplifier is the perfect solution. With this system, you can enhance your customer's experience with bright and clear background music, while the onboard paging system allows you to quickly and easily communicate across the entire store.
The system uses Bose FreeSpace DS 40F loudspeakers featuring a high output 125-degree conical dispersion pattern. The frequency range extends down to 70 Hz for low-level play without distortion. The Bose FreeSpace IZA 2120-HZ integrated zone amplifier brings vibrant audio quality, and when used with the in-built Opti-voice paging technology, allows you to switch easily between paging/music channels. Say goodbye to audible button clicks and screeching microphones, which greatly distract customers from their browsing. The Bose ControlCenter CC-2 zone controllers allow you to easily navigate A/B source selection and centrally control volume across all zones.
This system sports a very discreet, sleek and convenient shortcan design for installation in shallower ceilings. Guaranteed to transform your aural landscape.

System Features

Bose FreeSpace DS 40F Loudspeakers
- Comes with one 4.5" (114 mm) driver for clear 125-degree coverage.
- Ceiling or pendant mount suitable.
- Multi-tap transformer with thumb wheel control for easily changeable settings.
- Shortcan design for installing in shallow ceilings (minimum depth 6.4”)
- Can be combined with DS 16, DS 40 and DS 100 speakers to expand.
- Optional accessories include: ceiling mount brackets, adjustable tile bridges, pendant mount kit, and square grille.
Bose FreeSpace IZA 2120-HZ Zone Amplifier:
- Two independent outputs with separate controls for EQ, volume and tone.
- Opti-voice paging technology for clear speech.
- Dynamic EQ gives optimal balance at any volume.
- Dual remotes for independent or combined channel control.
- 2 x 120W Class D Amplification and 70/100V high impendence.
- No computer required for setup.
- Auto standby power saving feature.
Bose® ControlCenter CC-2 Zone Controller:
- Set of remotes for control of the FreeSpace amplifier.
- Allows easy multi-zone control.
- Comes with labels for convenient tracking of remotes.

System Components

The system includes:
- 8 x In-Ceiling Bose FreeSpace Loudspeakers DS 40F
- 8 x Bose FreeSpace DS 40F/DS Tile Bridges 100F
- 1 x Bose FreeSpace Zone IZA 2120-HZ Amplifier
- 1 x Bose ControlCenter CC-2 Zone Controller
- High quality professional pro audio speaker Non-Plenum Wires