Korg LP-380U Digital Home Piano – Rosewood Black

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Stylish Design, Exceptional Sound
Transform any room in your home with the slim and stylish Korg LP-380-U Digital Home Piano. This visually stunning piano is not just about aesthetics—it's about delivering vibrant, resonant, and dynamic onboard acoustic piano sounds that elevate your musical experience.

Diverse Sound Palette
Explore a world of musical possibilities with 30 high-quality sounds covering a wide range of instruments. From classic pianos to versatile instruments, the LP-380-U ensures you have the right tone for every occasion.

Sonic Realism and Effects
Experience rich sonic realism with 120-voice polyphony, providing a full and expressive musical canvas. Add depth and ambiance to your playing with Brilliance, Reverb, and Chorus effects, enhancing your performance with studio-grade quality.

Immersive Audio and Responsive Keyboard
Let the high-output speaker system fill your room with rich, room-filling sound. The RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keyboard ensures a responsive and authentic playing experience, mimicking the feel of an acoustic piano.

Professional Pedal System and Precision Metronome
Take control of your expression with the 3-pedal design, including half-damper support. The onboard metronome allows you to fine-tune your timing by adjusting time signature, tempo, and volume to suit your playing style.

Connectivity and Craftsmanship
Connect seamlessly to your devices with the USB Audio/MIDI port and Line-out jack, expanding your creative possibilities. Crafted with precision in Kyoto, Japan, the LP-380-U is a testament to Korg's commitment to quality.

Complete Package
The Korg LP-380-U comes ready to play with an included AC adapter and stand, ensuring you have everything you need to enjoy a premium musical experience in the comfort of your home. Elevate your music with elegance and performance with the Korg LP-380-U Digital Home Piano.

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Korg LP-380-U Digital Piano: Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation

Modern Connectivity for Enhanced Creativity

The Korg LP-380-U digital piano is a contemporary update of the LP-380-U, now featuring USB Audio/MIDI connectivity for seamless integration with your preferred computer music software. Elevate your musical experience by connecting to a world of possibilities with this enhanced connectivity.

Advanced Soundset and Responsive RH3 Keyboard

Boasting an advanced soundset derived from Korg's flagship keyboard instruments, the LP-380-U delivers 30 incredible sounds. The RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard provides a beautifully responsive touch, replicating the feel of a real acoustic grand piano. With graduated weighting, it offers a heavier touch in the bass register and a lighter touch in the treble range.

Expressive Acoustic Grand Pianos

Experience the expressive power of acoustic grand pianos with the LP-380-U. The RH3-graded hammer action keybed captures every nuance of your playing, from subtle touches to powerful crescendos. Choose from three Touch selections (Light, Normal, or Heavy) to match your playing technique. The Classic Piano and Grand Piano patches authentically reproduce cabinet resonances, adding stunning realism to your performances.

Authentic Vintage Electric Pianos

Delve into the world of vintage electric pianos with six distinct varieties onboard the LP-380-U. These electric pianos not only respond dynamically to your touch but also reproduce subtle sounds when keys are released. Perfect for capturing the iconic tones of the pop, soul, and R&B music of the 1960s and '70s.

Diverse Sound Palette and Performance Features

Unlock a world of musical possibilities with 30 high-quality onboard sounds, covering instruments such as harpsichords, clavinets, mallets, acoustic guitar, organs, strings, and choirs. Explore Layer Mode for playing two sounds together and Partner Mode for duets or teacher/student interaction. Customize your sounds with three built-in effects — Brilliance, Reverb, and Chorus.

Rich, Room-Filling Sound and Premium Pedal Unit

Immerse yourself in thrilling, room-filling sound with the LP-380-U's high-output speaker system, boasting the highest output in its class. The speakers' strategic placement below the keyboard creates an enveloping sound experience reminiscent of a real acoustic grand piano. The piano also features a premium triple-pedal unit with soft, sostenuto, and damper pedals, supporting advanced half-pedaling techniques.

USB Audio/MIDI Connectivity for Seamless Integration

Embrace the modern standard of USB Audio/MIDI connectivity, allowing you to connect the LP-380-U to your computer. Use it as a master controller for your favorite digital audio workstation software, expanding your creative possibilities and making this exceptional digital piano even more versatile.

Crafted Elegance for Your Home

With its sleek and stylish cabinetry, the Korg LP-380-U will not only enhance your musical experience but also grace any room in your home. For those seeking an elegant piano that combines tradition with innovation, the Korg LP-380-U is a must-have.